A walk with yourself in quarantine

A walk with yourself in quarantine


Winning sounds of birds, their endless efforts to measure the sky, the clear blue sky full of warmth all around ,warmth of sun,warmth of peace which makes you enlightened,the color blue which is actually reflection of all positive vibes passing down from the Sun, traveling around you, you just need to feel this with your heart and mind.

Just spread your arms to embrace all the blessings gifted by nature to you, to all of us, take a deep breath and inhale all the positive energy you can feel around you and lock it down in your system during the lock down and so on for the life time.

Accelerate your day with a lovely morning walk on your terrace and feel the nature around you in these quarantine days.

Let your body feel the kisses of flowing breeze,close your eyes and face towards the sun and put your fingers over your eyes and rub your eyelids slightly with your fingers to explore colors inside you,actually if you are a painter then you can explore numerous colors by doing this activity, believe me i have already tried it,just do it and get ready to enter the world of colors and find time to relive your imagination on a piece of paper with more colors you have explore in the morning.

Start these quarantine days with a positive walk and plan the things you love to do but you have ignored them because of your other responsibilities.

Just list down your interest and if you do not aware about your interest then simply make a list of things which makes you happy and get ready to be the happiest soul in yourself.

If you are slave to your tongue then find some recipes or create your own new recipes that result in tingling sensation on your tongue and and satisfy your hunger but do not let your tummy to look outside your body so for this you have to walk for some time after this so that your body can convert this delicious food to energy(glucose) rather than accumulating fat.

Just feel the shivering of water droplets or dew on the petals ,their zeal to retain on the surface whether curvy or straight though they know that the insolation (heat from sun which reaches to the earth surface) will force them to disappear ,despite all,they keep trying, in many aspects nature can guide us to come out of many difficult situation.

All I want to let you know that this quarantine time is a great opportunity in our life to explore our self,as I found my interest that is to shape my thoughts with simple stroke of my imagination with a cup of tea with myself.

You can catch the beautiful view of lofty mountains kissing the sky with all their love, or a place where land and sky meet to stay together forever though they are aware of their fate but still they walk together ,stay together and stand together for each other showing their affection to each other.

When the sky shower it loves on it, it just disseminate it’s fragrance all around and return it’s love in blossoming flowers though they are segregated from each other but still amalgamated with each other.

Stay safe, stay at home, happy quarantine.

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Hi, I am Niharika, My native place is Almora, settled in Haldwani after marriage. I love to play with words to reach up to my thoughts and imaginations.