Hill View

Hotel & Restaurant
Dhaulchhina, Almora – 263681, Mob.: 9927775233, 9412996216, 9412996217
Hill View

Hill View Hotel & Restaurant Catering Services.

Make your celebrations memorable with our expert catering from Hill View Hotel & Restaurant! Choose from our diverse services:

  • Home Delivery: Effortless celebrations delivered to your door.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Party: Impeccable catering for spectacular events.

  • Kitty Party: Elevate gatherings with our curated menu.

  • Birthday Party: Stylish celebrations with themed decor and delectable dishes.

  • Lunch Packs: Quick, flavorful meals for busy days.

Specializing in Kumaoni Dishes:

Explore Authentic Flavors:

  • Jholi
  • Bhaatt ki Churkani
  • Kapa
  • Green Seasonal Vegetables
  • Madue ki Chapati with Butter
  • Jaula Masala
  • Dubuke
  • Alu ke Gutke
  • Badi Jholi
  • Sisona ka Saag
  • Sarson ka Saag

Other Delights:

  • Snacks: Savory bites that keep guests coming back.

  • Soup: Warm up your event with delightful soup options.

  • Shakes & Drinks: Refreshing beverages to lift the spirits.

  • Curd & Raita: Cool and creamy additions to your menu.

  • Chinese: Mouthwatering dishes prepared with expertise.

  • Sweet Dishes: End on a sweet note with delectable desserts.

Let Hill View Hotel & Restaurant be the highlight of your celebrations. Contact us today for a flavorful experience that exceeds expectations!